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Rahat Bakers

81 Blue Area, Jinnah Avenue

How can I not comment on something which about RAHAT BAKERS? In fact I created a login on this website to comment on Rahat Bakers. One of the finest in town – I am a big time fan of it. Most likes are their salad, brownie, mousse and cakes.  I know they are not paying me for their marketing but I always keep on doing that – a local brand and a great quality – we really need to appreciate such honest businesses. One thing to clarify – there are two Rahat in Isl/Rwp. The genuine one and in fact the one that’s really great in taste RAHAT (lets me write it all caps to differentiate). RAHAT has its branches in Blue Area, Saddar, Scheme  III (right in the middle of market and not on a side), G-9 Markaz and Commercial Market. There is another Rahat in Rwp/Isb and strange enough with the same logo (let me write it in small caps to differentiate). This Rahat claims to be originally from Lahore and far less in quality and taste as compared to RAHAT.  Rahat is in PWD Colony, F-11, I-8 and Chaklala Scheme III (a bit on a side). Interestingly RAHAT always run campaigns to inform its customers that they don’t have any affiliation / branch in PWD Colony, F-11 and I-8. So be aware of being original. I don’t have anything negative about Rahat but one that made me write all this is original RAHAT in Blue Area, Saddar, Commercial etc. Sometimes I wish I have a home next to RAHAT :p <3 RAHAT Bakers !

28 01 2012