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Habitt Homestore

Block 3, Gulshan Iqbal

“Customer views:  Because It’s Your Home…

No matter where I spend most of my day, at night I want to come back home. My home- the place where I belong, the safe haven which is my own! 

 So if I want to feel at home, my house has to look and feel just right, just the way I want it to be. This means comfortable, practical and a true reflection of my personality.

As I started to redo a room, I was inspired by many places. I had a lot of ideas which I wanted to incorporate in my own home but I soon realized that transforming these ideas into reality can be difficult, not to mention time consuming.

That's where Habitt managed to impress me yet again. With a team of thorough professionals, they interpreted my ideas and vision and created an inspirational and distinctive interior, finished to the highest quality standards that suited my living style. They made me super happy and why not- after all, it’s my home.

I wonder why they took so much time to introduce this service, good that they’ve initiated it now. I got to know about this during my mid April visit to Habitt when I was double minded… or may be triple minded about what will look better in my room. Dear o dear! It was a relief to actually see how my room would look like with the buying choices I was about to make!

A team comprising of a 3D designer, the sales representative and an interior designer accompanied me to a design room and thoroughly discussed with me as to how my room previously looked like and how I want it to be. We came up with a color theme and furniture positioning in accordance with the activities associated with that room.

I got my 3D image ready in 30 minutes and after that, with a little fine-tuning I was in a position to decide what I wanted to buy.

Standing in my favorite store and looking at an additional 3D benefit, I thought I could ask them to design my new guest bed… and so I did. We set up a time at my place so they could visit and plan for me. It took 3 days as there were other 3D’s to be made before mine, but it was hardly a wait. I was overly impressed with the result- It looked like the work of a professional photographer in my room. They considered every detail I had in mind and even things that I missed and were necessary.

Would you believe me? All this service for free? Only if I were ‘Gumby’ I would have gone on to live inside that image. I was actually able to plan my priority list based on the best looking items while keeping an eye on my budget. Most of the things suggested by the team looked really nice and I decided to buy because I wanted my room to look just like that.

The guest room is now fully set and I’ve had many guests enjoying themselves there! I love all the compliments as after all I did the room myself! Truly, whole credit goes to Habitt and their design team for creating this masterpiece right out of my wish-list. I recommend you all to try this service. It's absolutely free-Who does that nowadays anyway? “

15 12 2015