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Comsats University of Science and Technology

Johar Campus, H-8/1, Park Road, Chak Shahzad

Hi! I guess the reviewers who reviewed COMSATS might be true according to their time. Because the university was not a quality institute at that time(according to the date of review it was the batch of, i guess 2004 or earlier ). But I invite them to the new campus to comment on the present situation of uni. It is the best university in Pakistan for CS, Software Eng., BTN and other CS fields. Also the EE related feilds are also among the best in the country. Almost all the teaching faculty is Phd and most of them are foriegn qualified. The labs here are according to the international standards. Everything i observed here at COMSATS is enough for me to say that it is among the top 3 universities of Pakistan in every field and best in CS related fields.

22 10 2013