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Comsats University of Science and Technology

Johar Campus, H-8/1, Park Road, Chak Shahzad

Aaj tum jis jaga per ho COMSATS ki waja say ho. Ager tumharay pass BS ki degree na hote tu taxi chalatay ya mazdoree kertay. Allah ka shukar ada kero aur apne university ki jarayn na kato. Things have changed now. Many people returned back after doing PhD from abroad and are serving in different departments. New campus is in progress and this would be one of the biggest campuses for any university with enriched facilities. At our times there was one PhD doctor now I can name one dozen in CS department. I know there are some big fishes at top but they are always present in any organization or company. They are even present any where in your life and dont want you people to prosper. Just take example of people with negative opinion even in this forum. COMSATS has raised to rank 5 in research out of all 170 educational institutes and beating one of the leading IT institutes such as FAST, NUST, Islamic, Bahria, SZABIST and others. The lab facilities is best in respect to institutes mentioned above. There are many things to tell but the time is short will discuss other things in forums
07 11 2008