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Orient Electronics

7-Queen's Court Building, 1st Floor Abdullah Haroon Road
(92-21) 2700325-7


"Mitsubishi Brand is a sign of Quality products. In Pakistan, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are imported in parts and assembled by Orient Electronics (Pvt) Ltd at their Lahore Factory. 

We purchased 25 Nos. One Tone Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioners for Pakistan Navy. Within 6 months of operation, the ACs started malfunctioning. It was observed that all nine inner units u-bands had leaked and required replacement. The condition of the inner and outer units showed a clear picture of substandard materials and workmanship. 

Within 06 months, the condition of ACs have deteriorated to such an extent that any one can guess that they will not run any more. Under such a condition Orient should offer replacement, however, they have intimated to us that they will only repair the units by replacing the defective U-Bands and that too by charging a substantial amount. 

The ACs are sold with warranty of (3+1) years, whereas only half the period of warranty is passed. It is pertinent to mention that we are a large customer of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners purchasing over 1000 units a year. 

Orient Electronics management is requested to please oblige their warranty responsibility and replace the defected units at the earliest."

02 11 2016