Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starz?

Starz is your online guide to find good restaurants,dentists,mechanics and so much more in your locality in Pakistan.

How does Starz rate the businesses?

Starz! gives voice to opinionated people in your city and through collective experiences you get to see which restaurant or the business you are searching is hot with the people.

Why Use Starz?

Because we at Starz strictly believe that two minds are better than one, you get the best opinions on businesses from all over pakistan. Who else can better rate anything than the consumer.

Who Uses Starz?

Everybody uses Starz! After all, who doesn't need opinions before going somewhere new? Still we at Starz believe that there are certain people who will benefit greatly from Starz.

  • Anyone who wants to find current and reliable reviews about something in a given neighborhood, city or area.
  • Anyone who is ready to try new things and share it with friends and anyone who might benefit from it.
  • Anyone who need to take out any bad or good experience they have had of a particular business and tell the world about it.

What makes our Starz directory better than most other advertising options in Pakistan?

We are focusing on the Pakistani market. If you are trying to target the Pakistani market starz pakistan is the right place for you. Since we already have more than 40,000 business listings you will probably find your business in our database. If its not here then mail us and we will add and it your business will be searchable via top search engines in the world (Google, Yahoo, Live etc).

What makes Starz directory better than any other?

We have reviewing system on Starz so you can not only list your business but also ask from you loyal customers to rate you on our website and soon others will be hearing about your business and you can increase your customer base.

What are my options for paid advertising?

Having your business on starz is free.