1. The Heritage Cafe - Virsa Cafe

6 reviews

Category: Barbeque, Pakistani, Private Parties

I found this place very nice. A great place to have meal. I liked it atmosphere too. I recommend this place to everyone. have a nice time!

2. Usmania Restaurant
Usmania Restaurant
3.5 Stars
2 reviews

Category: Barbeque, Chinese, Pakistani

3. Tehzeeb Restaurant
Tehzeeb Restaurant
4.5 Stars
2 reviews

Category: Barbeque, Pakistani

4. Habibi Resturant
Habibi Resturant
5 Stars
3 reviews

Category: Barbeque, Chicken Wings, Pakistani

5. Bar-B-Q Tonight
Bar-B-Q Tonight
3.83 Stars
6 reviews

Category: Barbeque, Pakistani

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Dr. Aqdus Rashid
4 days ago

very inhuman.. gave so much pain during the scan of tubal patency, with no pain killers... misbehave...

Dr. Naveed Ashfaq
2 months ago


Javed Autos
2 months ago

DISGUSTING, VERY POOR He charge you high and quality of service is very bad, Most importantly his a...