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Punjab Medical Centre, 5 -Main Gulberg Road, Jail Road
(042)-575108, 5753116, 5716442
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Photo of Rana Irfan

Bad Experience with Dr. Nadir Zafar Khan

He ignore grossly dilated ventriculars(in ct scan report), that was main cause of changes in brain. My mother was going downhill very fast and after 5 months we got another opinion and got a right path. After NPH surgery my mother's life quality is vv much better.

I dont know why he ignore a very major point and why he did not reffer for NPH surgery before, even there was only 1 treatment for grossly dilated ventriculars that is NP

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Surgimed Hospital, 1 - Zafar Ali Road
(042)-5714411 - 8
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Photo of parvez mohamed

Doctors when treating parkinson diseases patients should have the curtosiy to instruct their PA,s to be polite and create no hindrance between the patient and doctor in emergency. my brother who is patient  parkinson treated by Dr naeem kasuri for the last 3years devoped harnia problem and the surgeon before operation wanted to discuss patients condition with DR kasuri  when this was explained to the person giving appointment he was so rude that he he said the doctor

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Neuro Clinic, 29 - E, Johar Town, Near Jinnah Hospital
(042)-5171902 - 3
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Photo of umair  ahmed

Not a good expierience  

i do not why he ignored the side effects of tagrol to a patient of multiple sclerosis

the patient really suffered alot due to his neglegence he must make the patien taware of he rdisease



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