Shahid Coach Terminal

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Franchise/Business Head Office

Categories: Buses
Neighborhood: Swat Area
Madyan Road Fizagat
Swat, 19200
Phone: +92-946-812355, 81434 , (0300)-9079701
Email: [email protected]
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waseem t
1 Reviews
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Shahid coach service is the first transport business in Swat which started in the early 60's . It was named Jamal Travel but in 1970 its name was changed to Shahid Coach Service having a transport business at that time to Malam Jabba, Kalam, Timargarra, Dir, Chitral, Gilgit and Lower Areas of Pakistan specially Karachi. In 2001 having a great and successful transport business to Karachi from Swat, a new service was upgraded to Lahore which was extremely a new step for the company and a risk too but with the cooperation and appreciation of the people of Swat it soon got to its peak and received good impressions from the passengers. The service provided a light refreshment, and it was a one stop service throughout the journey. Due to the provision of good transport service and a polite and considerate staff, the people of Swat really got impressed from the service and convinced the company to start a new service to Peshawar from swat so it was June 2008 that the company started a new transport service from swat to Peshawar and was really appreciated by the passengers as it was a non-stop service and reached to its destination on time. Shahid Coach is now looking forward for starting a new and fresh service to other areas of Pakistan like Abbotabad, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi InshaAllah.