Combined Military Hospital(CMH)

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4 reviews

Categories: Hospitals
Neighborhood: Kamalabad, Rwp Cantt
Tariq-Abad Road, Lalkurti
Rawalpindi, 46000
Phone: (051) 56132930/561111
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4 Reviews for Combined Military Hospital(CMH)

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Dessert E
1 Reviews
1 Star Rating

CMH RAWALPINDI AND LAHORE. These are FUCKING bad hospital with a jerky doctors and staff I have ever seen in this world. They are getting paid by CIVILIANS and these ASS Holes are feeling like they are having their own business around. I am sure if Military Officials do not take any serious action against such illetrate and nasty jerks for their corruption than that day is not far when people KICK on their FAT ASSES.....(you are thinking rite) and these Dirty EGGS- CMH Doctors and Staff will be responsible for the direspect of MILITARY UNIFORM.

anaya s
1 Reviews
1 Star Rating


cMH... huh... people assume CMH good na na ... best. people think they are masiah... no they are QASSAi.... i have recently experienced doctors mostly the senior doctors are pathetic.... they behave ill people like they are bloody gods. Rude behaviour ... watching telivisions and using i pads tablets and phones.... what are you????? they are eating and earning HARAM... ALLAH pak has granted them with uniforms and money and Health... o please 1 day you ll be on death bed and this will happen to you too. Each and every 1 including nurses PA's AND THEY THINK THEY ARE ANGELS... no they are butchers. nurses are like 'hum kya kkren jayen apne patient ko dekhain hm kya kren agr doctor nai jag ra... oh hello are your freaking doctors for sleeping there. You are given this PAY with the money we pay but u DOCTORS are sick and nothing but. PATIENT is dying or having a serious disease they are having CONFERENces and saying in front of patient that " jaldI KAR NA YAR NIBTA YAE LIKH DE NAMAZ KA TIME HORA HAI"... DOCTORS ... listen you are MASEEHA for sick people but no you are nuffing but sick mentally show off greedy for making money and houses. i have seen it observe it and witnessed it in many years. GENERALS AND BRIG'S are pathetic riduculous... unhe sirf paisay ki parri hai aur jo NEW GENERATION a theek hai acha responce deti hai per sath hi jb apne baro ko dekhtay hain tou they simply change their attitude. 

CMH is not the CMH it used to be in past years.. DOC OF ONCOLOGY DEPARTMENT ARE WORST... EAch and every1 is just eating. You army doc's call urself MUSlims shame on your believes. Nabi pak SAWW never told us to be cruel and show off... TUM logo ki ibadat tm logo ka paisha hai per tm insaf nai krtay ... akhirat se daro... Haya kro... later i ll mention names of doctors still obseving many departments... and PA's too.... i Pray to MY ALLAHPAK k tm sb jo aese ho aesa hi anjam ho jesa tm sb ghareeb aur bmar mareezo k sath krtay ho. ye Mera grudge Nai hai ye ghareeb aur mazloomo ki dua a... mei NE jo dekha wohi likha. ALLAH KNOWS BEST. Per dil se bdua hi niklti hai tm logo k liye. 


Matloob A
1 Reviews
2 Star Rating

Hi Sir,


I would like to have the email address for CMH Rawalpindi. I have no idea, any one can help please.

I need to find out if there are some Andrologist please.





Ata Ur Rehman A
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Hi! I am Ata Ur Rehman here!

Rawalpindi CMH is very advanced with highly skilled Doctors and Nursing Assistants. I think Pakistan main apni noiyat ka No.1 CMH hai. I like to prefer for treatment from here in case of any problem!