3.5 Star Rating
3 reviews

Categories: Cinema
Neighborhood: Saddar, Rwp Cantt
Jinnah Park, Kacheri Road
Rawalpindi, 46000
Phone: +92-51-4345686
Email: [email protected]
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3 Reviews for Cinepax

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Ali A
39 Reviews
4 Star Rating

I think it has revived the cinema culture in Pakistan. Its a good place to go to with your family as the crowd is generally quite decent. The only concern is its distance from Islamabad which sometimes makes people think twice before making a movie plan.

Mo N
5 Reviews
1 Star Rating

Summary: Cinepax sux big time!!! Why exactly would I say that? Well here are the details: The good: It is a cool place to visit where you can go and watch movies and eat (mostly) mediocre food at exorbitant prices. Oops that was supposed to be the good part!!! The bad: The prices are very steep and the taxes are crazy!!! I always wonder why we would go watch a movie there when we can always watch a DVD on a Home Theater and do a Pizza party in the same price that I would just get tickets for Cinepax. The Ugly: The selection of movies is simply awful!!! Only recently they have sometimes, tried showing some of the good English movies. Otherwise they simply showed either Indian movies mostly. And then Cinepax never bothers follow the actual US or European releases which basically negates the whole reason people like to go to Cinema. Also I just don't understand why they cannot have a kids friendly movie playing all the time in one of their cinema halls, like they do in the States. In short, it is a good place for maybe a one time visit. But . . . they really have to make some serious changes before it becomes a phenomena that everyone goes (and can afford to go) on a regular basis.

Dr Saeed A
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

It is a good place to visit, a new change. The thing i dislike about this place is that it shows too many indian movies and only few english movies.