Misali Public School

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Categories: Elementary Schools, Middle Schools & High Schools
Neighborhood: Muzaffargarh Area
Near Pee Jahania, Muzaffar Garh
Muzaffargarh, 34200
Phone: +92-66-2422826
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1 Reviews for Misali Public School

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1 Reviews
1 Star Rating

i have no word for misali public&zakariya schools bc i think few word cant explain the enviornments and strugls of these two great teachers.i have no word to explain the personality of sir jamil qurashi nd sir saleem raza bc struggles of these teachers hv no competeter.day nd night unbeliveable efforts of these great personalities for students have its own example.they are example setter for other institutes.i thnk these are only two instituites in the world those are not profit oriented .they are struggling for quality education.i can never forget zero period ,bc i think i was not zero period for us.its was a source of cool breath,good for health.i have a requist to all viewer plz vist these institute for better education of ur children...........tariq ismail x misalian.i assure ur children save from the current evils