Worldcall Broadband

2 Star Rating
2 reviews

Categories: Internet Services, Telecommunication
Neighborhood: Gulberg II, Gulberg
16-S, Gulberg II
Lahore, 54000
Phone: (042)-5877051-5, 111-111-965
Fax: +92-42-5755231
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2 Reviews for Worldcall Broadband

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Nadia M
297 Reviews
1 Star Rating

Dont even thinking of taking up their services. The support staff is clueless and the technicians totally empty.
Total waste of money

Mansoor M
64 Reviews
3 Star Rating

I have been using the worldcall cable internet for the last couple of years. I'm currently on their 768kbps package - the charges for this package were recently increased to Rs1900 per month. Overall their service is quite decent and works most of the time. They do have 24 hour telephone support, however their call centers are not always aware of their own policies. I had gotten my connection temporarily disconnected as I did not need it for a few months, and it took 3 days of calling their offices and getting the same response that it would be connected within 12-24 hours. Eventually it took a visit to their office to get the connection reconnected. I have my cable modem and computer hooked up to a UPS. Until a few months ago, the internet connection worked great through load-shedding. However, recently with the alternate hour load-shedding, the internet connection goes away 30-minutes into the hour-long load-shedding. It seems that the worldcall internet UPSs are finding it hard to cope with the long and frequent power outages. Anyways - overall it is a decent service and I'd recommend it to others as well. Of course, if the connection can work through the full duration of load-shedding, that would be great!