Passport Office Garden Town

2.5 Star Rating
2 reviews

Categories: Directorates
Neighborhood: Barkat Market, New Garden Town
4-A, Sher Shah Block, New Garden Town
Behind Barkat Market, Near Himayat-ul-Islam Girls College,
Lahore, 54000

Email: [email protected]
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2 Reviews for Passport Office Garden Town

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Rabia T
128 Reviews
2 Star Rating

The fee for urgent passport is 4000 but the delivery time for both passports quite same. they do not deliver urgent passport in 5 days.

I applied for urgent passport, but i didn't recieved it in 5 days, it took 10-12 days approximately.

they should be efficient and give value to cutomer's money and time. poor service

Mansoor M
59 Reviews
3 Star Rating

This passport office opened a few years ago to reduce some of the load on the Abott Road branch. The branch is conveniently located behind Barkat Market in New Garden Town. It has a large park infront of it, and has ample parking space around the park.

The process of applying for a new machine readable passport has also greatly simplified. It is explained on a large Black signboard next to the entrance gate of the office. You need to deposit Rs.2100 at the National Bank of Pakistan in Barkat Market to get a "Chalan Form". The bank charges Rs.28 as service fee for the form. Besides this Chalan Form, you only need your original NADRA ID Card (with 2 photocopies), and a copy of your old passport if you are applying for a renewal.

My only complain about this office is that I had to wait for 3 hours, standing in line outside the office, before I was called in for processing. The process itself is not as slow, and the finger-printing, photograph, data-entry takes only 15 minutes. You then have to wait for 30 minutes to an hour before you get to the interview stage, where the officer simply looks over your application and approves it.

From my understanding the 3 hour wait is because of the many 'Agents' sitting at  their tables setup on the street in front of the passport office. These agents offer you to get the 'Token' from inside the office so you do not have to stand in line. Their "fee" ranges from Rs.700 to Rs.2000, but from what I saw, people were able to use their "services" and jump the line. I feel that this is the main reason why the wait times in the line at the passport office are so LONG.

Anyways - it takes a good part of a day to apply for your passport, but the good thing is that the regular delivery time is 12 days, whereas the urgent delivery is in 5 days, however the fee for that is Rs.4000.