Mushtaq Jewelers

3.5 Star Rating
2 reviews

Categories: Jewelry
Neighborhood: Preedy Street, Saddar
Parr Street \ Zaib un Nissa Street
Next to MosaJee
Karachi, 74200

Email: [email protected]
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Accept Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Street

2 Reviews for Mushtaq Jewelers

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Tess S
1 Reviews
4 Star Rating

I think these jewelers are very professionals and do know what they are doing. I had my wedding set done there and I haven't seen their kind of jewelry anywhere in any pkaistani store. The down side is that they promised to give me my set on the day b4 my wedding and it was not completed until few hours b4 my wedding. Therefore I didn't get to wear the set and my niece had her set made there too and the stones fell out. I live in the US so it's a bitch getting repairs done. Nothing has gone wrong with my set so I am very pleased. I am their customer for life. Like I said I have not seen solid pieces like theirs in any of Pakistani or Indian stores and I am a collector. They do not have a very big selection but they will try to please their customers as much as possible and they tell you the right price. Honest Very Honest

Nadia M
297 Reviews
3 Star Rating

There services and prices and designs all fall in average category. The shop owner is a very professional person, who will come down to your price if he sees you interested. However, the problem is that the stones may come out of their settings and having them refixed is really a problem