Dr. Naqiba Munshi

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Categories: Dermatologist
Neighborhood: Block 9, Clifton
F/24, Block 9, Clifton
Karachi, 74200
Phone: (021)-4229801, 5875932, 5363583
Email: [email protected]
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1 Reviews for Dr. Naqiba Munshi

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salim r
1 Reviews
1 Star Rating

my niece went to her clinic for laser hair treatment and she took the whole amount of money in advance.  once she went for the treatment on certain facial area and my niee was schocked to see that at the time of treatment,  this dr shaved the neck part also.  later on my niece found that instead of getting rid of facial hairs, the thick hair growth started coming on the neck part also.

this dr is only interested to extract money and more money. i would advise ladies not to be trapped by her techniques of extracting money.