Ary Jewelers

5 Star Rating
1 reviews

Categories: Jewelry
Neighborhood: Zaib-un-Nisa Street, Saddar
Shop No. 2, Pak Museum Building Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar
Karachi, 74200
Phone: (92-21) 565-6623, 565-6624
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1 Reviews for Ary Jewelers

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Nadia M
297 Reviews
5 Star Rating

What a shop! what a location! what services!

Full marks to ARY for coming in late and stealing the show. The best thing is that its not in Saddar, but rather a very approachable place in the city center. The shop is all underground and lit up very well. Completely tiles and polished, with separate sections for rings, earrings and sets etc

A must visit for all jewelry lover