Ambala Bakery

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3 reviews

Categories: Bakeries, Sweets/Mithai
Neighborhood: Block 6, PECHS
61/Q, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S.
On the extreme RIGHT Corner after crossing Chanesar Halt
Karachi, 74200
Phone: +92-21-34555902 , -
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]
Website: http:///
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Accept Credit Cards: No
Parking: Street

3 Reviews for Ambala Bakery

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majid s
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

I agree with Mr Abdul Ghafoor. I visited Ambala last week and found many new things and changes there and some new information. There 20 above flavours of milk shakes at Ambala and now they are also offering Kheer, Lab-e-Sheereen AND Faluda at there dairy shop.

New thing which i came to know when i saw a TCS Sentiments delivery van at Ambala loading some boxes. I asked the driver about that and was surprised to know that TCS prefers AMBALA'S sweet as there Mithai supplier in Karachi. It means if any one orders TCS in Karachi for sweets they go to Ambala to deliver you the best.

I think its there great achievement to gain trust of such organization.

They are also on Facebook if any one wants to join.

Nadia M
297 Reviews
4 Star Rating

This is a very famous bakery , because of its location. It is right at the corner and caters to a huge area of visit.

10 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Once upon a time there was a barren piece of land situated on the right of the road after one crossed the railway crossing of Chanesar Halt Railway Station, Off Nursery & Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. There were many businesses that tried to run on this plot such as a hotel, dhaba, shoe mart and many other types of businesses. Not even a garbage plot could survive on this piece of land. And PRESTO! AMBALA BAKERY turns up and OVERNIGHT, it becomes the LOCAL FLAVOR of PECHS. Any taxiwala or a rickshawala perfectly understands where you want to go in PECHS, Block-6, and the MOMENT you mention that your destination is near AMBALA! Such is the popularity of AMBALA BAKERY! From an obscure plot in the post to the best-seller that it has become, that very plot is ranked as the most prized possession! Among the many specialties of AMBALA BAKERY is the vast concoction of MILK-BASED Juices that they serve. Cheekoo, Khajoor, Strawberry, Sharifa, Banana and the MOST famous WINTER special which is AMBALA KASTURI MILK! Once inside the Bakery, you will find three different sections which are (1) Bakery & Nimko (2) Sweets, Cakes, Pastries, Pizzas & Desserts and (3) Ice Creams & Other Delicacies. Ambala Bakery also offers very high quality Milk and Lassi. Every evening, there is a lot of rush with many cars and vehicles parked as people of all ages want to savor a taste and habit called AMBALA BAKERY!