Savour Foods

4.5 Star Rating
12 reviews

Categories: Pakistani
Neighborhood: E Area
G-307 Gordan College Road
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: +92-51-2272824
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12 Reviews for Savour Foods

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Mansoor M
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Our office is in I-8 and we have food picked up from Savor on almost a weekly basis. They have managed to maintain the quality of their food over the years, without compromising on the portion size, and at the same time, it's very economical!

6 Reviews
4 Star Rating

like savr foods for their fast service.... u dont hv to hold ur hungr for a longer time.... u can eat until u r full n it will charge u low price... big secret to save ur money :)

junaid g
2 Reviews
5 Star Rating

best place for family and individuals..... excellent service and fabulus envirnment for meal

Rameez M
9 Reviews
4 Star Rating

One of the few places in islamabad which offer a meal that gives you your moneys worth..Its famous pulao is not only tasty but also is pretty economical and can be visited by all classes of society..The atmosphere is nothing special and on a busy day you might end up sharing a table with a complete stranger.Its the perfect place to have a decent cheap meal.

Ali A
39 Reviews
4 Star Rating

Its the place to go to when your apetitie is touching the sky and your pocket is as light as a feather. The food is not bad for the price that is charged for it and most importantly its filling (the rice refill really helps).

Ahmed S
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Its a buisness place , Offcoure it is , but apart from business Savour is doing Great work for Pakistanis too ,Giving such quality Food in minimal prices as possible is a job they are doing for every one.

If we look carefully , mostly people at savour are those who are middle class job workers and they can better understand if Savour is not around them , what they are going to do ?

Its Allah only , who divides the responsibilities among Men.

Bunnu R
35 Reviews
5 Star Rating

The best place for chicken pulao. It doesn't get any better than this. very easy on the pocket and extremely tasty.

Khurram S
19 Reviews
5 Star Rating

If it comes to "Pulao Kubab" just don't go anywhere else. Either its savour college road rwp, food street rwp, food street isb or blue area isb, their quality and taste really rock. Their specialty is no doubt 'Pulao Kabab' but they also offer some Fast Food stuff like french fries and Burgers etc in their Blue area restaurant. But definitely they are not very good at fast food as they are at pulao kubab. On all places they offer great environment and service.

Faiza A
9 Reviews
4 Star Rating

yummy.. this is the taste whenever you smell or taste rice of savour food. you always get good and same quality of food and taste whenever you take. its affordable and good food to eat. Anyone can buy rice and other food items of them easily.

Faisal I
2 Reviews
4 Star Rating

Although they have started home delivery, but the home delivery is often made too late i.e. more than 30 minutes. It is not good. And moreover, high rates of home delivery are causing it to be flop!

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