Rahat Bakers

5 Star Rating
10 reviews

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Categories: Bakeries, Donuts
Neighborhood: Blue Area
81 Blue Area, Jinnah Avenue
Blue Area, Opposite NIC Building
Islamabad, 44000
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09:00 am - 12:00 am
09:00 am - 12:00 am
09:00 am - 12:00 am
09:00 am - 12:00 am
09:00 am - 12:00 am
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Accept Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Private Lot

10 Reviews for Rahat Bakers

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uxE h
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Nodoubt the taste of Rahat Bakers' items is delecious but yesterday I happened to purchase Fruit salad from Rahat in G-9 Markaz  Islamabad and when I opened it at my home there was a big COCKROCH! in it. I felt so rediculous and could never had expected this from them. But yes its true.

I may go to Rahat to tell this so that people who risk their lives by eating blindly can be saved because its their responsibilty to maintain cleanliness.

Ali A
39 Reviews
5 Star Rating

I dont think there will be a single person in ISB who would have anything bad to say about Rahat. It is indeed worth a visit every alternate day. The items are always so fresh and tasty. What i particularly like about the place is their doughnuts and pizzas.

Adnan N
5 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Excellent food quality and variety. You must try the Rahat Pizza.
If ur hungry and u need some fast snacks, find ur way to Rahat asap!

Imran Z
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Undoubtedly best bakery in twin cities. There cakes and pastries are wonderful their pizza's are great! - all bakery items are fresh. -don't forget their ice-cream shakes and fresh juices :-) because its really awesome.

6 Reviews
5 Star Rating

bst bakery with lavish food itemz... no one can doubt about its quality... thumbs up for the salad bar... 


Bunnu R
35 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Rahat bakery has very high standards in islamabad and rawalpindi. They are offering couple of items all are very very quality products, some of the best are: - Arguably the best pizza in Islamabad , they take a big price but you get a good pizza. - Cakes are out of this world do give it a try. - Salad Cole slow,Pineapple Chicken, Russian salad at a lot more ask for some sauces with the salad and get a free ticket to heaven. - All the bakery items are fresh and they are all out by midnight seems the stuff just goes out as it comes out of the oven. Can't live without Rahat bakery just too awesome for any one man to describe all its goodies.

Khurram S
19 Reviews
5 Star Rating

In bakery products their standard is really high. Along with all other high quality stuff their pizzas also really rock. They have great taste pizzas and are up to the standard of international brands for pizzas like pizza hut etc, I will say little bit more tasty. If you have not tried pizza of Rahat Bakers just next time choose 'Rahat Bakers' because they really rock on this.

Noman M
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

How can I not comment on something which about RAHAT BAKERS? In fact I created a login on this website to comment on Rahat Bakers. One of the finest in town – I am a big time fan of it. Most likes are their salad, brownie, mousse and cakes.  I know they are not paying me for their marketing but I always keep on doing that – a local brand and a great quality – we really need to appreciate such honest businesses. One thing to clarify – there are two Rahat in Isl/Rwp. The genuine one and in fact the one that’s really great in taste RAHAT (lets me write it all caps to differentiate). RAHAT has its branches in Blue Area, Saddar, Scheme  III (right in the middle of market and not on a side), G-9 Markaz and Commercial Market. There is another Rahat in Rwp/Isb and strange enough with the same logo (let me write it in small caps to differentiate). This Rahat claims to be originally from Lahore and far less in quality and taste as compared to RAHAT.  Rahat is in PWD Colony, F-11, I-8 and Chaklala Scheme III (a bit on a side). Interestingly RAHAT always run campaigns to inform its customers that they don’t have any affiliation / branch in PWD Colony, F-11 and I-8. So be aware of being original. I don’t have anything negative about Rahat but one that made me write all this is original RAHAT in Blue Area, Saddar, Commercial etc. Sometimes I wish I have a home next to RAHAT :p <3 RAHAT Bakers !

Sal Z
25 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Great Stuff - salad, sandwiches,drum sticks & the best pizza in Islamabad, everything great! Don't forget to get "Safillo" from there ;-)

Muhammad N
5 Reviews
4 Star Rating

Rahat is undoubtedly best bakery in town... cakes are great ...they have the best pizza in town...their ice cream n shakes are good. The only thing is they need to consider lowering their prices... they are on very high side of it.

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