Pizza Party

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Categories: Pizza
Neighborhood: F Area
House 11, Street 41, F-6/1
Islamabad, 44000
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1 Reviews for Pizza Party

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Tariq B
1 Reviews
1 Star Rating

The place proudly claiming to serve authentic thin crust (Italian type) pizza â¦.. WOW â¦. Joke of the century, rather millennium. In fact, it is among one of those dining out places who themselves are unaware what they are cooking/serving but truly mastered how to fool people and empty their pockets for offering nothing. I straightly admit that I also got caught by random reviews and various types of pizzas pictures given by PP on Face-Book and other websites but when our order was served, only then it was known that the AUTHENTIC THIN CRUST (ITALIAN TYPE) PIZZA is actually a CHAPATTI (a thin tandoori bread) not a proper dough and the chapatti was also pathetic/burnt out and very dry. The pizza along with topping was hardly 2 millimeter thick (so it can easily be winner of some extra thin/shaved and ultra light-weight diets and if there is bit strong wind then PP pizza will be flying if you donât put some weight over it) so you yourself can imagine the quality and quantity of topping(s). I think one kg of clean/boneless meat will be enough to make around 15~20 pizzas of 14â over there. We were five persons and 02 XL pizzas of 14â each were ordered and each pizza hardly weight approx 100 grams so definitely after sweeping out those two BRUSHED COATED CHAPATTIS (sorry, authentic thin crust pizza without CRUST and TOPPING), we definitely left for another simple eatery, where simple and mouthwatering dishes in good quantity at affordable prices are being offered (not the alleged authentic cuisines) because if 200 grams are divided among 05 adult and healthy people then what one could expect; absolutely left hungry and needs to eat something else especially during November when weather is getting colder and if pocket allows then everyone wishes to enjoy quality food in nice amounts. The price of 14â pizza at PP on average is PKR 800~850, which does not seem pricey until and unless the so-called thin pizzas are served and we literally jumped off our seats that what the heck is this. If you have tried Roll Parathas then PP pizza is a bad mimic of the same with the difference that the Roll Parathas are better stuffed, not very dry and as the name suggests, in the form of roll. Whereas, the PP pizza is like normal spread bread, extraordinarily dry and without any proper stuff/crust/topping. The sitting area is also not that good and it is actually a small setup in the backyard of some house/ guest house but that would be acceptable if the food was good, which was our main concern but when neither the ambiance is fine nor the foodstuff is sumptuous (topped by relatively high pricing) then there is not a single reason to justify a hangout at such place(s) as it is total waste of time, money and resources. However if you want quick service then it is a definite try because after the order, PP simply garnishes some chapatti with very meager amount of topping (or whatever you would like to call it because we were unable to find anything chewable except the base) and put it in the FIREWOOD OVEN and the GARAM- GARAM GARNISHED CHAPATTI is ready in 05~07 minutes and the 14â one will take the same time to be finished. In the last but not least, at times I come across some really terrible eateries and it seems that no one can beat this place in terms of staleness and bad quality and this is the end but this journey is continued (The world is not enough) and number of such places are getting STARS on the HORROR BOARD. Recommended to visit â¦â¦â¦â¦â¦.. I think now I should ask you people.

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