Metro Radio Cab

4 Star Rating
1 reviews

Categories: Taxis
Neighborhood: Islamabad Area
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: +92-51-5872236, 2272484
Fax: +92-51-2272480
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1 Reviews for Metro Radio Cab

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Mansoor M
59 Reviews
4 Star Rating

I used Metro Radio Cab on a recent trip to Islamabad to go from the Daewoo Rawalpindi station to I-8 in Islamabad. Their service is quite good - in my case, I called them an hour before reaching the Daewoo station, and the cab was waiting for me by the time the bus arrived. The cars they use are primarily white Toyota Corollas of recent models and are clean, with functioning air-conditioning. In my recent trips, the drivers have been generally friendly and respectful. They charge Rs.450 for a trip from the Daewoo station to any where in Islamabad.

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