Jahangir Restaurant

3.5 Star Rating
5 reviews

Categories: Barbeque, Pakistani
Neighborhood: Blue Area
64/E, Masco Plaza, Blue Area
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: +92-51-2270554, 2271367, 2876365
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5 Reviews for Jahangir Restaurant

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Faraz M
38 Reviews
3 Star Rating

I have been there many times, the Pakistani food they are serving is good services are below avg. and the furniture is needed to be replaced or refurbished !

Bunnu R
35 Reviews
2 Star Rating

I really don't know why people like Jahangir. I mean yes they have some taste in their food too. But they are very EXPENSIVE. I mean a chicken karahi for 499/- and i think only two people can finish it up. I would recommend it if you have a heavy pocket on the day if you are looking for something light then go to savour next door.

Umer E
10 Reviews
3 Star Rating

For a real feel of Pakistani food... this is the place. Weather you want a curry dish with rice, fresh naan (and of course I prefer naan) or bar-b-que, then this is where you outta be. They have a good selection of Pakistani cuisine, and they are courteous enough to tone the spices down in case you don't want to burn a hole in your stomach.

Khurram S
19 Reviews
3 Star Rating

I have been there few times. They are very good at Pakistani food, their chicken Karahai and Bar b q is as good as you can find any where else. Also its pretty much popular among the people, so when we friends plan to go out it is definitely one of the choices.

Usman A
9 Reviews
5 Star Rating

It is one of the best restaurants in town. The bar b.q stuff is simply astonishing. The rest of desi food is just awesome. I love to dine @ Jahangir. Jahangir's chicken karahi is one its specialities. It is famous all over the twin cities. Other than just desi food the Islamabad branch also offers continental food which is also worth it. But mainly they are famous for their desi food. Here you go 5 starts from my side.

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