Dr. Aqdus Rashid

4 Star Rating
4 reviews

Categories: Radiologist
Neighborhood: Islamabad Area
Rashid Altrasound, Al Babar Center, F-8, Markaz
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: +92-51-2853577
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4 Reviews for Dr. Aqdus Rashid

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Najla A
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Dr. Aqdas very experinced doctore , very understanding very sweet and very patiant. I have done many Ulterasounds in many centers including Shifa hospital for the same problem  and noon of them manged to dignose my problem but Dr. Aqdas did . very well orginzed with her team and i am verey satisfied , i dont think i will do utrasound again with any othere docter  but her.

I would highly recommend this facility to all my family and friends.

thank you so much doctore for your patient , Bless u .


Saira J
1 Reviews
1 Star Rating

very inhuman.. gave so much pain during the scan of tubal patency, with no pain killers... misbehaved a lot... said that don't tell anyone outside that u had so much pain.. otherwise my patients will run... i was in great pain and wasn't able to answer.. she said y r u not replying kia ma "bakwas" kar rhi hn... made fun of my pain and said "r u alive" if yes then get out of the bed... and used indescent comments... i was vomiting badly in her clinic with severe pain, no one among her staff supported or gave me a pain killer instead continuously demanded the 7000 rupees for that test... most intolerable is that she wrote on my report (which i saw at home) that patient was comfortable throughout the procedure...

Zahra K
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Dr Aqdas is such a sweet and nice lady atleast she listens to your problem and give you better guidance. I am so much satisfied from her.

May GOD bless her.

ayesha z
1 Reviews
5 Star Rating

Dr Aqdus Rashid is a professional women like me need in Pakistan. I had a satisfactory experience with her.  She is not only competent but kind as a person too. 

GOD Bless her. 

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