Khalifa Bakers

4 Star Rating
1 reviews

Categories: Bakeries, Sweets/Mithai
Neighborhood: Akbari Gate, Inner City
Chohatta Mufti Baqar, Androon Akbari Gate
Lahore, 54000
Phone: +92-42-7657352
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1 Reviews for Khalifa Bakers

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Khadija H
8 Reviews
4 Star Rating

If you want to eat some finger-licking good Khatai, or some delicious cake rusk, go to Khalifa Bakers. The fresh oven hot Khataies and Cake Rusk are superb, crisp, and crunchy. They use the best quality ingredients and the taste reflects that! The only downside is that they are located in Akbari Gate area and I am not aware of any outlets elsewhere. The heavy traffic and congested roads around the inner city makes it difficult to go there frequently. But if you are able to make the trip there, it is definitely worth it.