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Categories: Department Stores, Grocery, Shopping Centers
Neighborhood: I-11, I Area
Sector I-11/4, Near Railway Carriage Factory
Islamabad, 44000
Phone: +92-51-4020006
Fax: +92-51-4864011
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1 Reviews for Metro

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Bunnu R
35 Reviews
2 Star Rating

Metro is good but it is not for the common people. You need to have an NTN number for starters which is not so common. The Mall is pretty big with almost everything you need in one place stationary,laptops,mobile phones, wholesale food items you name it and its there.

   The prices on wholesale food items is mostly the same that you get at any karachi company wholesale food items shop so I was a bit dissapointed but the mall is good to shop at. Electronic items most of them are of the same price with 50-100 rupees of difference on big items like washing machines and stuff.

   But what I learnt the hard way was my three year old was denied entry into the mall reason being she is too young to be in there. I didn't see anything in there which adults can enjoy and little ones can't. Anyways, by looking at the number of 3-9 years old jumping around without their parents at the start of the mall I decided that I can't do this to my 3 year old at least not yet and went back.

    So people, this is not a family shopping center. It is supposed to be some place for medium sized shopkeepers to buy stuff from NOT for families especially with kids. I believe if someone opened up a mart this big and gave the same rates as these guyz they won't have anyone coming to them.  In short the awe of the sheer size of mart was destroyed by this tiny rule. AS un inviting as they were I think they don't like everyone to come at the mall which was surprising they can take over the businesses from the whole islamabad but they choose not to. Anyways what ever works for you metro.

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